Tips for Conquering the Spring Market to Land Your Dream Minneapolis Duplex


When the sun comes out, the flowers bloom, the trees bud, the lakes become crowded with bikers and joggers, and the Twin Cities housing market heats up. 

With more competition when buying homes, homeowners must use proven strategies and tips to secure their dream Minneapolis duplex. 

#1 Tip To Buy a New Minneapolis Duplex

Hire an Experienced Realtor

One of the top ways to secure a coveted Minneapolis duplex is to hire an experienced realtor (like our team!) to help you through the process. A savvy realtor who has been through various housing markets can provide excellent advice on when to look, where, and how to prepare your offers for the best chance of acceptance.

#2 Tip To Buy a New Minneapolis Duplex

Be Prepared

Before starting the duplex buying process, you must do your homework. Make sure you get pre-approved. This is an essential first step! Then, based on your approval, ensure you know what budget you are working with. All your documents will be ready once you get this in order. You need copies of your approval letter, your IDs, tax returns, pay stubs, and possibly references. 

#3 Tip To Buy a New Minneapolis Duplex

Find Your Desired Location

One of the most significant factors when buying a house is the location. It’s essential to find an area with duplexes that suit your needs. This can mean finding a good school district, being close to certain places (like a lake or downtown), having access to specific amenities, and more. While you might have one ideal neighborhood in mind, you should also have a couple of backups in case there isn’t anything available in your top location.

#4 Tip To Buy a New Minneapolis Duplex

Do an Exhaustive Search

With more buyers looking in the springtime, finding available Minneapolis duplexes is essential! These can go fast – even before an open house is held. Your realtor will provide you with properties they think you’ll like. Still, it’s also essential for you to search websites, apps, and other resources to find available properties.

#5 Tip To Buy a New Minneapolis Duplex

Make a Good Offer

Of course, making a reasonable offer is essential when buying a Minneapolis duplex. While being friendly and showing interest in the house is excellent during showings, it always comes down to money and the overall offer. This is where having an experienced realtor comes in handy. Good realtors – like us – will help you prepare your offer. Based on the property and the competition, you may need to offer over the asking price and possibly other incentives to boost your offer.

#6 Tip To Buy a New Minneapolis Duplex

Be Patient

One of our top tips is to be patient! When there are a lot of potential buyers in the market, it can take a little bit of time to accept an offer. It can also take time to find the best property for you! So don’t give up—work with your real estate agent, and you’ll find the right Minneapolis duplex for you!

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