Top St. Paul Neighborhoods For Duplex Buyers

Highland Park, MN

When looking for a duplex to purchase, the most crucial step is the old, tried-and-true guidance realtors always give: "Location, location, location!"

There are key St. Paul neighborhoods where you can buy a duplex. St. Paul offers older neighborhoods with a lot of charm, making them ideal for multi-family housing buyers.

We compiled a list of some of the top neighborhoods in St. Paul based on various interests and lifestyles. Check out our complete list.

Top Family-Oriented Neighborhoods in St. Paul

  • Highland Park: This established neighborhood boasts excellent schools, beautiful parks (like Highland Park itself), and a strong sense of community. Duplexes here are typically traditional, offering a good mix of rental income and appreciation potential.
  • Mac-Groveland: Stroll through the tree-lined streets of Mac-Groveland, brimming with families. Proximity to Macalester College adds a youthful energy. Duplexes here can range from historic to modern, catering to diverse tastes.
  • West Seventh: Located on the Mississippi River bluffs, this neighborhood offers stunning views and a family-friendly vibe. Homes, including duplexes, tend to be larger, perfect for growing families.

Top St. Paul Neighborhoods For Young Professionals

  • Lowertown: St. Paul's revitalized downtown boasts trendy shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Duplexes here are often converted historic buildings, offering a unique blend of character and modern amenities.
  • Saint Anthony Park: This energetic neighborhood combines historic charm and a youthful vibe. Its proximity to breweries and entertainment options makes it an excellent choice for young professionals looking for a lively scene. Duplexes here can be a good mix of affordability and access to the action.
  • Cathedral Hill: This neighborhood is defined by art galleries, museums, and a vibrant cultural scene. The smaller duplexes here are perfect for young professionals seeking a walkable, urban lifestyle.

Top St. Paul Neighborhoods For Investors

  • Payne-Phalen: This up-and-coming neighborhood is experiencing significant revitalization. Duplexes here offer the potential for high rental yields and long-term appreciation as the area develops.
  • West Side: This historically industrial area is transforming, attracting businesses and residents alike. Duplexes here can be a good value proposition, offering substantial rental income and potential for future growth.
  • North End: The North End is defined by a mix of historic charm and student life. Duplexes here are affordable, offering the chance to build a solid rental portfolio.

These are just a handful of neighborhoods. Our team can help you find the ideal location to buy your investment property or family home.

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