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How to Buy a Duplex

We hope to serve as a resource & guide to help you accomplish your goals through real estate.  

We are experts in helping people purchase duplexes, triplexes and small multi family homes in the Minneapolis & St. Paul markets.

We invite you use this website as a resource to make your duplex buying experience excellent.

Why Buy with the Duplex Doctors

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Reasons to Buy a Duplex

Build Wealth. Investing in rental property is a great way to build wealth.
Live for Less. Owner-occupying a duplex can eliminate your mortgage.
Great Neighborhoods for Less. Utilizing a duplex might mean you can afford your dream neighborhood.
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Buying a duplex or triplex is tricky, we'll help you actually land the perfect property.

It's no secret that the housing market has become quite competitive, and the multi-family housing market is even tougher than single family.

We know what it takes to help all sorts of buyers get in position to purchase the perfect property for their goals and needs, and we're engrossed in the market everyday.

When you choose to work with our small team here at The Duplex Doctors, we'll be working incredibly hard to help you accomplish your goals and land the perfect property.

When You Buy with the Duplex Doctors,
You Get:

Wise Financial Positioning
We will help you put together a strategy to achieve your goals, including our network of multi family lenders & specialists.
We Know the Week-to-Week Market & Inventory
We pride ourselves on being more in-tune with the duplex market and inventory than any other agent so you can get the best help possible.
Rental & 
Tenant Gurus
We have vast professional and personal experience buying and selling rental properties with tenants, we'll help you understand what's best.

We exist to serve you.