Our Team

Jason Reed – The Duplex Doctor


#1 Seller of Twin Cities Duplexes

Our team leader, Jason Reed, has been a Real Estate agent since 2002 and involved in investment property, renovations, and the duplex world for even longer.

From 2012-2019, Jason has ranked as the #1 seller of duplexes in the Minneapolis area as well as in the entire Twin Cities area.

Rather than focus on being a mass-prospecting real estate firm, Jason decided to become the most competent, informed, and specialized real estate team in the Twin Cities concerning duplexes, triplexes, and multi-unit housing.

One of the greatest things about working with Jason is that he’s not just in this for the money – he’s passionate about the Minneapolis region, the communities around him, and investment real estate.

Jason has been married since 2005 and has twin boys that are the joy of his life. Not to mention, an evening at a Twins Game is always nice.

Education: Jason graduated in 1991 with a B.S. in Business Administration from North Dakota State University.

Faith, family, and relationships are critically important for Jason. For those of us that get to interact with Jason on a regular basis, his humility, kindness, and pursuit of the client’s best-interest are refreshing.

Kent Hranicka


Kent Hranicka began investing in Real Estate in 2014 by buying a fixer-upper duplex in Northeast. Since rehabbing a property as an owner occupied, Kent has invested in additional properties with no regrets. His passion for housing and property inspired him to become a real estate agent and help others navigate the housing market, find financial flexibility and/or solid return on investment.

Kent studied Public Policy and Urban Planning at the University of MN Humphrey School of Public Affairs. His background in public policy and urban planning has helped him gain a greater understanding of how urban areas evolve and develop. In turn, he has valuable perspective on how and why a property might appreciate or depreciate in value.

Additionally, Kent has performed a lot of work on his own properties and has a strong understanding of the construction and operation of older homes often found near the core of the Metro area.

Kent’s has a desire to put a client’s needs above all else. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home or investment property, having Kent on your team will make the process smooth and fun.

Kathy Barclay


Kathy Barclay has been passionate about Real Estate since 2006. Her vast knowledge of the Real Estate industry and her ability to stay ahead in this fast-paced world, are some of the many ways she stays a cut above the rest. Superior negotiation skills and her client focused customer service through all aspects of the real estate process is how Kathy provides the very best for her clients.

Kathy enjoys serving as a leader with expertise and professionalism, she has worked with real estate investors and investment property owners for well over a decade and understands the nuances involved in all aspects of ownership and management of investment properties.

With a vast knowledge of residential real estate, Kathy is enthusiastic about helping those families who are in transition and may be dealing with marriage, growing families, divorce, death of a family member, downsizing or any other circumstance that requires a real estate change.

Kathy continues to value her clients and the trust she has earned through referrals and recommendations throughout the Twin Cities Metro area.

Traivis Dykema


Traivis Dykema began his Real Estate experience through purchasing a foreclosed property following the 2008 mortgage crisis and recession. Through years of renovations and remodeling, that house became home to his growing family for nearly a decade. In recent years, he led his family and in-laws through three real estate transactions as they transitioned to a multigenerational home.

His extensive experience in home remodeling as well as the permit process with various municipalities are resources that he brings to his clients, for either single or multi-family properties. He has developed a keen understanding of the construction and layout of both historic and modern homes across the Metro. Having a vision for the flow and use of space in a home or investment property allows Traivis to help his clients see beyond the existing structure and into a realm of possibilities.

Traivis spent the past 15 years in Financial Services helping business leaders monitor their corporate retirement plans, and assisting their employees as they plan for their retirement. He is carrying forward into real estate his knowledge and skills in compliance, investments, and an ability to connect with clients from all walks of life.

Restoration and finding new life in relationships, families, homes, and motorcycles are motivators for Traivis. To that, his wife Mallory and their four growing children can attest.

If you’re unsure where to start with investing in real estate properties, whether single or multi-family, please contact The Duplex Doctors team!

Sam Gardner


Sam Gardner started his Real Estate journey back in 2018 when he was tired of renting and purchased his first duplex in the West 7th neighborhood of St. Paul.

Over the course of the following two years, he was able to renovate the duplex to add value and move on to the second one where he lives now. As an investor/landlord himself, Sam is well suited to advise clients who are "househackers" or traditional investors.

Sam is a South Minneapolis native who cares deeply about his surrounding community and helping his clients build wealth and freedom through Real Estate Investing.