We don't Dabble in Single Family Homes

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We don’t Dabble in Single Family Homes: We’re Minneapolis Duplex Specialists, The Duplex Doctors

Are you looking to buy or sell a duplex? We have a quick tip we wanted to share with you. Work with a duplex specialist. It’s easy to see why we might say that, but we really believe that it is in your best interest to partner with a specialist who knows the duplex market inside and out. Duplexes are a unique investment that is unlike any other, and you will want to work with someone who can navigate a unique playing field.

We are the number one real estate team in both the buying and selling of duplex properties in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area.

In fact, we’ve made the decision to focus solely on duplex, triplex, and multi-unit properties. Why? Because we want to help maximize value for duplex buyers, sellers and investors. Whether we are working with someone who’s burnt out from the stock market roller coaster, a millennial using an FHA mortgage to get started in real estate investment, or a baby boomer approaching retirement and looking for a bond alternative, we know that people are buying up duplexes left and right.

We’re not like your regular real estate agent. We don’t even work with traditional homebuyers. All we do is duplex and multi-unit investment properties.

We found that our specialization was necessary because it requires a deeper level of specialty negotiation skills, competencies, and experience to be the best in such a demanding market.

Why is it so important to work with a duplex specialist such as The Duplex Doctors?

Because you’re purchasing a cash flowing asset, not just a home. It’s not easy to manage the tensions between the quality of financing, multiple offers, diverse lease agreements, renovations, state laws, and local laws. The bottom line is that anyone who wants to buy or sell a St. Paul – Minneapolis duplex needs somebody who will not be distracted by anything. This market is complex and demanding.

That’s why Jason Reed and the team – The Duplex Doctors – have decided not to become all things to all people, but to focus their expertise on investment properties here in the Twin Cities.

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