Duplex Values are High, Is it Time to Cash In?

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If you own a duplex, and have owned it for a long period of time, now could be the best time to sell. Property values across the state are sky high.

Duplex and triplex properties are in higher demand than conventional homes, which means that there are multiple offers on most transactions.

But this is when people are faced with a dilemma: should they cash out their duplex in order to get a large lump sum of cash? Or should they continue to enjoy the cash flow coming out of the duplex?

If you want to sell your duplex, we would love to buy you a cup of coffee or lunch so that we can help you understand how the sale should play out. We’ll help you prepare for any investments you might want to make to maximize your selling price.

Real estate agents that specialize in duplexes understand that they are finicky and extraordinary properties. Because most people that purchased them want to use them as cash flow machines, owning or selling requires attention to detail. A good real estate agent knows that duplexes are different than conventional homes when it comes to determining bedrooms, rental rates, and renovations. Understanding these elements can help you to get the best asking price possible.

But I’m Not Ready to Sell My Duplex!

Even if you aren’t ready to sell your duplex, we would love to come and take a look at it so that you can know what type of value the market might provide. This way, you can also prepare for any other major changes that might have to be made before selling.

Should you purchase new appliances? Should you attract new tenants before selling? Should you redo the bathrooms? Does it make sense to add stone masonry to the front of the façade? Should you talk to someone about new windows?

Whatever the question is, it’s better to know the answer way ahead of time rather than waiting until you’re ready to sell.

We love people, and we love real estate investment. We’ve surrounded ourselves with a team of construction companies, subcontractors, and investors that are always looking for the right property.

We hope that if you are on the fence, you will consider working with us to determine if now is (or isn’t) the right time to sell.

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