Minneapolis Real Estate Agents Specializing in Duplexes


We’re Minneapolis Real Estate & Duplex Specialists

If you’re looking to buy or sell a duplex in Minneapolis, we’d love for you to consider us as your real estate team. Unlike most of the agents in the Twin Cities, we specialize specifically in multifamily properties. We work primarily with duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes because we know the importance of understanding this unique market and the challenges and opportunities that come along with it.

By specializing in duplexes, we’ve found that we’re able to help our clients get the highest possible value out of their purchases or sales. While some real estate agents fail to understand the rental real estate market, we have made it our specialty since 2002. In fact, for several years and counting, we’ve sold more duplexes in Minnesota than any other agent.

Minneapolis Real Estate Agents Specializing in Duplexes

Why Work with a Duplex Specialist?

For a first-time investor, it may seem like any real estate agent will do when searching for a duplex to buy. Even sellers may consider this. Isn’t a sale a sale?

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many realtors make critical mistakes in both buying and selling duplexes. For buyers, it’s important to work with a real estate agent that understands rental properties. Rather than looking for elements of interest for single-family home buyers, real estate agents should approach duplexes from an investment standpoint. Duplex buyers need to be able to navigate unique situations to determine a great duplex deal versus a dangerously bad deal. For the average real estate agent, navigating this complicated landscape is simply too much.

For sellers, the risk can be even higher. We’ve seen real estate agents make mistakes in determining how many bedrooms a duplex is considered as, and we’ve also seen them make poor recommendations for renovating that add an unnecessary expense to owners without providing any added value.

The Minneapolis Rental Market

In Minneapolis, the rental market is booming. The Twin Cities is being seen as a desirable place to live and it’s easy to see why. But with a rental market as hot as it is now, we’re still seeing many new duplex owners making mistakes when it comes to assessing the rental market and deciding on what they will rent out their duplex for. As investment specialists who have worked with portfolios of our own, we’re happy to lend you our expertise even after you’ve made your purchase. Unlike most agents, we understand what it takes to actually manage a property with renters. We know about government regulations for owner-occupiers and the considerations investors will have to process before lending with an FHA or conventional loan.

Whatever your concerns are, we’d love to work with you to develop an intelligent strategy to approach today’s duplex market. We’ll partner with you along every step of the way, and we’ll find the deals that can be almost impossible for any others to discover.

Minneapolis Realtor: Jason Reed

Jason Reed is the original Duplex Doctor. He’s been in the multi-family business for well over a decade, and for the past 5 years and counting, he’s sold more duplexes than any other realtor in Minnesota.

Due to his expertise in this area, Jason is known as the Minneapolis real estate agent with the greatest insights on duplex purchases.

If you’re selling a duplex and want to get the best kind of value out of it, Jason is likely to be the absolute best person to call. With years of experience in duplex purchases, it’s almost impossible to stump him, and it’s very unlikely to end up without a successful deal.

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