Simple Maintenance Tips to Increase your Duplex ROI


Top-Notch Building Maintenance Increases your ROI

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably leads nowhere.”

With that in mind, take time to do a few maintenance items this fall and you will save yourself a lot of money over time.

Fix Your Toilet & Save Money

First off, go buy yourself some food dye. Oddly enough this small purchase will allow you to save a lot of money. Take the cover off of the top of your toilets, and put a few drops of food dye in the tank.  Swish it around so the whole tank becomes colored by the dye and then wait a few minutes. If you see the dye appearing in the toilet bowl you will know you have a leak.

Its easy to fix the stopper on the toilet unless you have a new toilet and then at times the newer toilets have different mechanisms, but the older units have a stopper on a chain. You can go on YouTube to see how to do it, and by changing this part every couple of years you could save yourself hundreds of dollars in wasted water.

Furnace Filters

Another item to tackle this time of year is your furnace filter.

Really, you should be doing this every couple of months, but you’re not alone if you forgot to do it. I recently had one client that hadn’t done it for 4 years! It’s pretty easy to forget especially if you don’t live on site. The issue with not regularly changing the filter is that the furnace will have to work considerably harder to do the same heating or cooling because the dust impedes the air movement and cooling/heating. In the long-run your furnace will be overworked and eventually fail.

Down Spouts and Gutters

Two more things that you can accomplish this fall would be to clean out your downspouts and gutters. I would wait a few more weeks until the leaves have fallen from the trees to do this. If you don’t keep the gutters clean and keep the downspouts stretched at least five feet from the property you will eventually get water in the basement.

Down spouts and gutters are critical, because they lead to water damage, and massive ice damage when there’s the fall and spring temperature fluctuations.  When you’ve got spring days of worm, followed by evenings of freezing, the flow of water needs to be spot on.  When you’ve got gutters clogged or broken downspouts, the buildup of ice and the subsequent water pooling or seeping might cause some expensive repairs down the road.

Remember, that maintaining your building will create a much greater return on investment, and your tenants will like it as well

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