Why you should get your duplex valued even if you're not ready to sell

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Duplex Valuations – Even if You’re Not Ready

Are you looking to sell your duplex or are you thinking of holding on to it for a little while longer? No matter which way you’d answer, we’d love to chat. We think that anyone who owns a duplex should connect with us so that we can do a valuation on their property. Whether you’re selling or not, it’s good to know where your investment stands in the current real estate market.

With all of our combined experience, we have come across and worked with hundreds of different property owners to maximize the value of their rental income and property.

If you want a duplex, triplex, or quad in the Minneapolis – St. Paul region, we’re confident that we will be able to help add some value in exchange for the privilege of introducing ourselves. When it is time for you to sell your duplex, we hope that you’ll think of us.

Every salesperson wants to assure you that they’re not pushy, but we can actually back up that claim. Because our business is a calling for us, and because we only work with duplex buyers and sellers, we really do love having the opportunity to maximize the value every duplex owner receives. And if it doesn’t make sense for you to sell, we don’t want to push you to do so.

We know that an exit strategy can be difficult for duplex owners, and we understand all the complexities involved between your depreciation recapture, lease agreements, and building code requirements. What we like to do is walk through your property and show you opportunities to improve upon your investment so that you can be prepared to sell sometime down the road.

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