Should You List Your Minneapolis Duplex in the Winter?


We’ve reached that point in the Twin Cities where you’ve been stuck inside for a couple of months due to the chilly winter temperatures, you’re tired of looking at your current residence and need a change. 

You want to move, but you think you need to wait until spring to list your Minneapolis duplex

Wrong! You can list – and sell – your duplex right now. This can be an ideal time to sell because you will attract motivated buyers. You aren’t going to get passive buyers who are casually looking at this time of year. If they’re going to come out in the cold and snow to tour your house, it’s because they are looking to buy – now. You may also have less competition, as others might be waiting to list their house until the spring. This will make your multi-tenant Minneapolis residence stand out!

To make this a quick and smooth process for you, we’ll walk you through tips to make your Minneapolis duplex attractive to buyers, even with a blanket of snow around it. 

#1 Tip to Sell Your Multi-Family Minneapolis Home in the Winter

Make the Inside of Your House Shine

Because of the cold and snow, prospective buyers will likely spend less time looking at the outside of your house and more time focusing on the inside. Do what you can to freshen up the interior, from adding fresh paint to removing clutter and reorganizing your space to make rooms look bigger.

#2 Tip to Sell Your Multi-Family Minneapolis Home in the Winter

Make it Light Up (Literally)

During the winter months, it can be dark in the morning when you leave to go to work, and dark again by 4 pm when you’re heading home. With a lack of daylight this time of year, make sure you have sufficient light in your house to make it bright and welcoming to potential buyers. Turn on the lights before you leave for a showing, and add extra lights in rooms that tend to be dark in the winter. You can even add brighter bulbs to your existing fixtures to illuminate the space.

#3 Tip to Sell Your Multi-Family Minneapolis Home in the Winter

Make it Warm

When showing your house to prospective buyers, do not cut back on the heat. Make sure your thermostat is turned up so the house is warm and cozy, encouraging buyers to stay around your house longer and keep checking it out. If you keep it too cool, it might make them question if the heating system works correctly, or think there are drafts in the house. Don’t risk these negative effects. Instead, make sure your house is at a comfortable temperature.

If you have a gas fireplace, consider turning it on for showings, as well. This can add to the warmth in your house, and make it look more visually appealing. 

#4 Tip to Sell Your Multi-Family Minneapolis Home in the Winter

Make Sure the Snow Is Cleared

If there has been a recent snowfall, make sure you clear the sidewalks and driveways from any snow and ice accumulations. You don’t want to risk having someone fall while touring your house. You also don’t want to give off the impression that the house is not kept up. If you have steep stairs or a long driveway, you also don’t want to draw attention that these areas need extra work during the winter months. Clear them off, add some salt, and keep the buyers focused on your Minneapolis duplex and not your snow-covered driveway. 

#5 Tip to Sell Your Multi-Family Minneapolis Home in the Winter

Make Photos of Your Property Available 

If your landscaping is covered in snow, it’s a good idea to make photos available of your property during the spring and summer months. This will give buyers an idea of what the yard looks like. This is especially important if you have landscaping features you want to show off, like a new patio or deck. 

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